In this video, I share 3 quick and tasty recipe ideas for Eid desserts. Sometimes it is chaotic on Eid with family and friends visiting, and you just need a quick dessert to make things easier. I hope the following recipes give you some ideas 🙂

These desserts require no baking and couldn’t be simpler.
Custard and Peach Flan
Ingredients required:
– Sponge Flan Case
– One sachet Instant Custard Mix (~80g)
– 300ml Double Cream
– 100ml Boiling Water
– Tin of Peach Slices
– Choco Writer Tube (optional)

– Add the custard mix and boiling water to a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth and creamy.
– Add in the double cream and whisk well until thick and creamy.
– Pour the custard/cream mixture into the flan and spread evenly. –
Chill for one hour (or until the mixture is stiffer).
– Decorate the flan with peach slices and write an Eid message on the centre of the flan.
– Enjoy 🙂
Fresh Fruit and Cream Cake

Ingredients required:
– Madeira Cake x 2
– 300ml Double Cream
– 50g Icing Sugar
– Strawberries (sliced)

– Cut the Madeira cakes to ensure that they are the same size, and stack one on top of the other.
– Whisk the double cream with icing sugar in a large bowl until the –
mixture is thick and forms soft peaks.
– Spread a layer of the cream topping over the top of one cake, and top with the strawberry slices.
– Spread a layer of cream over the bottom of the other cake, and sandwich the strawberries by placing the cake on top of the other cake.
– Cover the entire cake with the cream topping in an even layer. –
Decorate with the strawberry slices.
– Serve and enjoy 🙂

Fruit Cocktail Delight

Ingredients required:
– Fruit Cocktails tins x 2 (in light syrup)
– Digestive Biscuits
– Evaporated Milk
– Meringue Nests

– Using a sieve, drain the fruit cocktail tins into a bowl to separate the fruit cocktail from the light syrup.
– Break the digestive biscuits into large pieces and create a layer of the broken biscuits in a large serving bowl.
– Pour some of the light syrup over the biscuits (make sure you don’t add too much syrup as it will make the biscuits soggy).
– Add an even layer of fruit cocktail.
– Pour over some evaporated milk.
– Break up the meringue nests, and add a layer over the fruit cocktail.
– Repeat the above process until the serving bowl is filled to the top.
– Serve and enjoy 🙂

Full recipe on my blog: http://officiallyshamsa.co.uk/2017/06/21/3-quick-tasty-eid-dessert-ideas/


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