5 Simple Healthy Fruit Dessert Recipes

You will be happy to know that not all desserts are going to do a lot of damage to your body. In fact it is not a bad thing to come back for seconds without feeling guilty. Using fruits in desserts is a great idea because not only do the natural sugars add to the sweetening of the dish, but they provide antioxidants necessary to combat fatal diseases such as cancer and diabetes that are not welcome in our lives. We especially love easy healthy desserts recipes. Life is complicated enough as it is without having to worry about how to make the dessert.
Here are 5 simple healthy dessert recipes that you will probably enjoy and are good for you at the same time
Strawberries with Balsamic
Using balsamic with the sweetness of the strawberries makes for an excellent combination. Topping them with a meringue and a little sweetened yoghurt will be an even bigger treat. Just use natural sugar when you are making the meringues.
Caramelized Bananas
This is a really simple dessert. All you have to do is slice the banana in half. Add a small square of margerine to a pan and leave the banana in the pan for 1 minute on either side with a drizzle of honey.
Berry Frozen Yoghurt
This is a simple thing to do. Just mix everything together the night before and freeze it. The next day you have a fabulous dessert.
Lemon Granita
This is an old Italian favourite. Just add lemon, natural sugar and water together and place it in the freezer. Every hour take it out and then break the ice crystals up with a fork until they are fully formed. You can use different fruits here.
Baked Apple
People like having an apple baked in the oven for breakfast and others as a dessert. It tastes great stuffed with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins.

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