Almendrado Recipe – Mexican Flag Dessert – Very Light And Refreshing! By Rockin Robin

Almendrado is a light Mexican dessert. It resembles the Mexican Flag with it’s green, white and red layers of egg whites flavored with almond extract, lime zest and sugar. The flag is then served with a thin custard sauce (flavored with lemon zest, almond and vanilla extracts), topped with toasted almonds. Delicious. Get the recipe here:

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This almondrado recipe is so delicious and is great after a heavy meal. The combination of the flavored egg whites topped with this light thin custard and then topped again with toasted almonds is phenomenal.

You will be coming back for more! It is very refreshing in taste.

You don’t have to toast the almonds but I recommend it as the flavor is so much better. This recipe is best thoroughly chilled.

You can omit the food colorings if you wish but it does make for a festive color when used. The colors turn out very pastel and would be great for Easter. In fact I am making this for our Easter dessert.

Give it a try and leave me a comment!

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