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Banana CHEESECAKE recipes
Everyone loves cheesecake, so cheesecake with a banana you should like.
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1 egg.
Sugar 1.5 tbsp.
Vegetable oil -1 tbsp.
Milk -1 tbsp
1 cup flour
Soda is 0.25 TSP.
Dark chocolate – 100 g

Soft cheese 9{644804ad551afe846ff6f15b43e227d4384ee846a0b14e7331034aa9e50d9d46} — 300 g
Sour cream 20{644804ad551afe846ff6f15b43e227d4384ee846a0b14e7331034aa9e50d9d46} — 3 tbsp.
35{644804ad551afe846ff6f15b43e227d4384ee846a0b14e7331034aa9e50d9d46} cream — 300 ml
Bananas — 3 PCs.
Gelatin — 15 g.
Lemon — 1 PCs.
Sugar — 3 tbsp.
Powdered sugar — 3 tbsp.
Vanilla sugar — 1 TSP.
Water — 0,75 CUP

For the basics needed to prepare biscuits.
For this oven heated to 220° c Beat egg with sugar, vegetable oil and milk. Add flour and baking soda.
Knead the dough elastic
Roll out the dough, cut it arbitrarily and lay out pieces on baking sheet, covered baking paper.
Send in the oven for 5-7 minutes.
For cheesecake soak the gelatin in the 3/4 cup water according to instructions. Heat the gelatin over medium heat BUT do not boil!
Otherwise it just does not work. At this time of the wash lemon.
Remove zest. Squeeze the juice. Grind the bananas with the lemon juice. Pour the gelatin into the banana mixture.
Stir, send in the fridge to mass became thicker, for 15 minutes. Whip cream with powdered sugar.
Whisk the ricotta with the sugar, sour cream, lemon zest, and vanilla sugar.
The finished biscuits grind in Crumb. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or water bath and stir it with cookies.
You need to press cookie the bottom of the form, which laid out baking paper.
Send in the fridge.
Beat cottage cheese mass with a banana. Mix gently with a spatula with cream. Put this mass the basis of the shape, align everything.
Send to the refrigerator until it thicken. At least 3 hours.

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