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Banana Walnut Cake is made using a fresh and ripe banana tossed along with butter, sugar and eggs into a dry mix of all purpose flour and baking powder into a pre-heated oven, especially popular during the tea time as a snack, enjoy Banana Walnut Cake everyday.

Banana Walnut Cake


04 Eggs
100 gms Amul Butter
250 gms Sugar (Granulated/Castor)
250 gms All Purpose Flour (Maida)
01 tsp Baking Powder
01 Ripe Banana (Mashed)
05 Drops Vanilla Essence
100 gms Walnuts


Banana Walnut Cake

Cooking Instructions

1) Pre-heat the Oven at Convection setting (180 degrees C) and beat the eggs in a bowl until you get a consistency when the beaten eggs form ribbons.

2) Incorporate Amul Butter with Castor/Granulated Sugar using a Whisk.

3) Add the eggs from step 1 to the step 2 and mix well.

4) Through a sieve pass the all purpose flour/maida along with Baking powder and mix well.

5) Add a ripe banana, the riper the banana, the flavoursome and delicious your Banan walnut cake would turnout.

6) Add Vanilla Essence for aroma and flavour, gently mix for a few seconds.

7) Finally Add walnuts and offer a final gentle mix and keep aside.

8) Grab a bread mould and smear it on the inside with oil and dust with a little all purpose flour/maida.

9) Add the batter from step 7 to the bread mould and flatten it using a spoon/spatula, also tap the bread mould and shake it to settle down the batter and eradicate any air bubbles.

10) in step 1 you had pre-heated the oven, make sure you now instruct the oven at 180 degrees C, for 70 minutes and place the bread mould from step 9) in the oven and do not open the lid of the oven frequently to check if the cake is ready.

11) A simple test to know if the cake is ready is when you extract the bread mould outside at room temperature, insert a skewer stick/tooth pick at the center of the cake, if it comes out dry, your cake is done and ready otherwise put it back into the oven and let it bake.

12) wait for 15 minutes to let it cool down naturally at room temperature, extract the Banana walnut cake out of the bread mould and cut thick slices using a knife, if you run the knife through hot water before cutting the cake, it will cut the Banana walnut cake with precision and neatly.

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