Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk | Pulut Hitam | Black Rice Dessert | 黑糯米 [Nyonya Cooking]

Black glutinous rice in sweet coconut milk with palm and rock sugar. This dessert is very popular and easy to prepare for home gatherings and parties. Every spoonful would bring a big smile to your face.

Using unpolished black glutinous rice instead of whole grain white glutinous rice makes this dessert more interesting due to its colour. Once cooked, it looks rather purplish black, thus adds a mysterious feel to it. Due to its colour and their unfamiliarity to black glutinous rice, be prepared to have a fun conversation as you savour this delightful dessert.

In this recipe, I combined the usage of both the palm and rock sugar. Both types of sugar are milder in sweetness compared to castor sugar. Nevertheless, castor sugar can also be used in this recipe. The usage of the combination of the palm and rock sugar makes this dessert less sweet. It has a very light undertone of sweetness due to the rock sugar. The light nutty sweetness in this dessert is contributed by the palm sugar.

While we are on the topic of palm sugar, try to get your hands on the Malaysian palm sugar which is much darker. Thai palm sugar which is lighter in colour tends to be less intense in flavour.

I would normally serve this dessert chilled. My guests were definitely intrigued, especially when it was served together with another favourite dessert of many, the Vanilla dessert with some coconut milk drizzled on it.

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