Bread Dessert Recipes Timelapse

Bread fresh recipe Easy to make milky sweet
We will use sliced ​​bread A bread is needed for a tray
We cut hard parts of thin-sliced ​​bread Shave around
Place bread slices in the tray Do not leave space between
I prepare six tray dessert For a total of one hundred people
A tray for twenty five Oven bakes a hundred seventy degrees
Ten minute baking Make a little sugary drink for bread
One liter boiling water for one tray We add a total of six liters of water
Some salt Add lemon juice or lemon juice Two pounds of sugar
The breads were red Share in equal amounts We are slicing bread
Add eight liters of milk A little over a liter of milk for a tray dessert
Add seventy-five grams of margarine We are waiting for the booze
Add four kilos of sugar Prepare two kilos of semolina
Add vanilla into your wax Add two kilos of semolina
We are mixing Wait until solid consistency
Add on the milky sweet breads Fix them We add coconut
Add plenty of coconut
After the cold, we split evenly pieces and you can add sauce on ready for dessert service
Get soft tissue and a light sweet dessert

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