Chocolate Fudge Recipe | Himalayan Rock Salt Chocolate Fudge | Quick & Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipe

Himalayan Rock Salt Chocolate Fudge is a divine mixture of chocolate with a crunchy addition of dry fruits with an exciting twist of Tata Salt Rock Salt. Watch and learn this chocolatey dish and you’re bound to fall in love with it.

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Condensed milk
Chopped dry fruits
Tata Salt Rock Salt

Method of Preparation
– First, let the chocolate liquefy and become the gooey, inviting tangle that will soon transform into dessert decadence.
– Then, drizzle on some mouth-watering condensed milk, slice off some smooth melting butter and sprinkle on the delectable dry fruits.
– This complex concoction is almost complete.
– Now, slowly, very slowly, pour out ( Pause ) the mixture on to a tray.
– And finally, let the fresh flakes of tata salt rock salt fall elegantly upon it, creating a tasteful perfection.
– Give it a moment or two to cool off.
– And then slice, dice and consume!

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