Chocolate Toothpaste Tart Recipe – Original Bedfordshire Dessert – Recipes by Warren Nash

Here’s a recipe that really takes me back to my childhood – it was a regular at the school dinner table and it’s for Chocolate Toothpaste Tart.

This is the only culinary thing I can think of to originate from my home county of Bedfordshire. My chocolate toothpaste tart recipe makes 3 mini tarts and is a no bake recipe if you buy the pastry cases pre-baked.

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Ingredients (Serves 3 | Prep time: 15m | Cooking time: 20 minutes | 411 calories & 26g fat p/serving):

– 120g Shortcrust Pastry
– 75g Caster Sugar
– 35g Butter
– 115g Skimmed Milk Powder
– 10g Cocoa Powder
– 10g Hot Chocolate Powder
– 75ml Warm Water

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