Dessert Shot Glass Shooters Taster Plate Thermochef Video Recipe cheekyricho

Video Cooking Demonstration and recipe for 12 different Shot Glass Desserts. In response to a request for ideas for shot glass desserts submitted by Facebook User Eva Po. We have compiled a small selection of hot and cold Shooter Dessert Ideas. We hope you find something in this collection that suits. Thank you very much for your request. We hope it helps.
2 eggs whites mixed with 30 grams of caster sugar for meringue base
good pinch of caster sugar for brulee topping
2 egg yolks for cheese cake, lemon meringue and bread and butter pudding
6 ginger nut cookies crushed for biscuit base, crumble,sprinkles and layers
1 whole gingernut biscuit for tiramisu
80 grams melted dark chocolate for mousse, tiramisu and banoffee Pie layers
80 grams white chocolate melted for white chocolate raspberry mousse
6 roasted coffee beans for decoration,powdered cocoa decoration
30 grams espresso for tiramisu
1/4 banana thinly sliced for banoffee pie and fruit salad
200 grams whipped cream
5 grams desicated coconut
mini marshmallows,
10 grams condensed milk,60 grams marsapone,
6 raspberries(fresh or frozen)

See Video for method on various desserts

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