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Fig Dessert Recipes – Fig Tart Recipe by Heghineh
Came up with an easy fig tart recipe and decided to share. This year, I had spent quite a time on prepping fig jams and preserves, as I’m planning on selling some of my homemade sweets on my etsy shop. I like be experimenting on tarts, and I do have a few great recipes on my blog. This one came out really tasty, would love to hear your opinion after you try it. You can always reach me out on my Facebook and instagram pages. I also love receiving your food pics, so when you get a chance remember to send me those as well.
I have already posted a recipe, tutorial for the crust and jam, so the only new recipe is the simplest cream cheese frosting, that takes only a few minutes to make.
Hope you guys try my fig tart recipe and love it!
Happy baking!
Recipe for the Tart
Recipe for the Fig Jam

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