Healthy Dessert Recipes! Easy To Make At Home

A dessert is the usually the last course of a meal, but if you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you would also wish that it was the only course. Like they say that everything yummy is sinful, especially if you are particular about your weight, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a dessert that is healthy and yummy too. It has the richness of yogurt and the tangy sweet goodness of berries. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

# Double berry Parfait:

* In a mason jar, begin making layers with ¼ Greek yogurt followed by a layer of cranberries and raspberries

* Start the first layer with Greek yogurt. Ensure that you spread it evenly.

* Once the yogurt is done start the second layer with cranberries and raspberries.

* They should be placed evenly over the first layer of Greek yogurt.

* The next layer will be yogurt .Again ensure that it is spread evenly over the raspberries and cranberries. Do not disturb the layers at the bottom.

* Continue to alternate between the Greek yogurt and both the berries till you come to the end of the jar.

* What you get is a very pretty looking dessert, a combination of white and red.

* Fill up the jar with all the layers right till the top.

* The last layer on top should be of yogurt.

* If you desire then add a drizzle of honey and sprinkling of cinnamon right on the top. And viola your healthy dessert is ready.

* This dessert can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 days.

# Yogurt:
People who are health-conscious have always long advertised the benefits of yogurt for our body. It is true that a bowl f yoghurt can help to keep you invigorated with all the essential nutrients that your body might need and also help you shed weight. The process of making Greek yoghurt is pretty simple. The liquid whey is separated and this is the reason why the texture is thicker. It contains fewer sugar and carbohydrates, and extra protein than the regular yogurt.

Yoghurt is a powerhouse of proteins. Proteins are very essential for good health as it is vital for the cell growth, building of muscle, and also repair of tissue. As we age, we need more proteins to keep the skin glowing and healthy and to fight any illness. So if you are looking for increasing your protein intake then increase Greek yogurt intake and avoid heavy stuff like meats.

# Packed with probiotics:
Probiotics are microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria. These usually are a part of our intestines, and adding Greek yoghurt to our diet helps keep you healthy. Probiotics are excellent for a healthy digestive system.

# Keeps you feel full:
Greek yogurt is a satisfying and healthy and treat after a workout or a hard day at work. It helps you feel full until your next meal. The proteins in the Greek yogurt can actually help repair damage done by exercise.

# Greek yogurt is rich source of amino acids.
Cranberries are healthiest fruit one can consume due to its high antioxidant nutrient and content. It is often called a “super food.” The benefits of consuming cranberries are many .To name a few it helps to cure infections, helps prevent certain types of cancer, improves the immune system, helps to lower blood pressure and much more.

Raspberries are a store house of vitamin C more than oranges and they are very high in fibre, really low in calories and also help supply your body with a lot of folic acid. Raspberries help in the decrease of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It also helps in encouraging a healthy complexion, more energy levels and also helps you to lose, and weight.

Do try this recipe next time you feel like having something sweet yet healthy. Enjoy!

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