Healthy Grape Recipes – Chocolate Dessert Recipe

You won’t believe that how well this grape can go with chocolate till you try this Grape chocolate recipe.
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Some children’s don’t like to eat grapes, mainly for them this is the best way to make them eat these delicious and healthy grape recipes. The grape chocolate recipe is the healthy kid’s dessert recipe. It is sure that your kids love to eat it a lot.


1. Frozen Grapes
2. Dark Chocolate Syrup
3. Toothpicks

For topping

1. Color Sprinkles
2. Chopped Cashew nuts


Take the frozen grapes and insert the toothpick to each grape up to the half of it. Or else take unfrozen grapes then insert the toothpick and then refrigerate it for 30 minutes. Now, dip the frozen grapes into the dark chocolate syrup and spread evenly over it, keep it in a plate similarly do same for all the grapes and then refrigerate for about 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from refrigerator and roll it or else sprinkle it with a variety of sprinkles and nuts as you like. And finally, it is ready to serve immediately otherwise place it in the refrigerator before serving it. You and your kids will definitely enjoy this Grape chocolate recipe.

How to make Dark Chocolate Syrup:

Take half cup of dark chocolate bars in a small bowl and don’t heat it directly, take a large bowl pour some amount of water in it and cook it for some time then after take the small bowl and hold it. The dark chocolate bars gets melted through the steam. Now add 1tbsp. of butter into it and stir it. Finally, your soft and creamy dark chocolate syrup is ready.

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