How to Make Milky Wheat Flour Halwa | Turkish Halwa Recipe | Dessert Recipes | Recipesmaking

How to Make Milky Wheat Flour Halwa Recipe | Turkish Halwa Recipe Video | Dessert Recipe Videos | Recipesmaking

It’s easy to make wheat flour halwa, but it requires arm strength since you need to stir constantly. Serve it at room temperature.

Process of Milky Flour Halva Recipe;

Put the butter in a large pan and melt.
Then add the flour. Cook it at a low heat by stirring until it gets golden.

Prepare the syrup by mixing the milk, granulated sugar and the vanilla in a deep bowl.
After you cook the flour and the butter mixture, pour the syrup and stir constantly.
And leave it to cool.

Take walnut sized pieces from the halwa and roll them with your palms.
Place them into the plate.

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