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This is a list of Indian sweets and desserts. Indian sweets and desserts, are also called “Mithai” and span the regions of Pakistan and Bangladesh as well, since both countries were parts of India before 1947. Following is the list: African American New Orleans Regional dishes Southern United States Arab dishes Argentine Bangladeshi Brazilian Burmese Chadian Chinese Beijing Colombian Cuban Ecuadorian English Ethiopian Filipino French German Greek Hawaiian Hungarian Indian Indonesian Irish Israeli Italian Sicilian Jamaican Japanese Jewish Jordan Korean Malaysian Maltese Mexican Moroccan Nepalese dishes Nigeria Pakistani Palestinian Peruvian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Sami dishes Scottish Singaporean Spanish Thai Tunisian Turkish Ukrainian Uzbek Venezuelan Vietnamese
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Ancient dishes Baked goods Barbecue dishes Breakfast foods beverages cereals Butters Casserole dishes Chocolate-covered foods Christmas dishes Coconut milk Coffee dishes Comfort food Deep fried foods Delicacies Dips Dried foods Fermented foods soy products Foods made from maple Gravies Hot sauces Military foods Onion dishes Pancakes Pasta dishes Pastries Pickled foods fruit Pies, tarts and flans Porridges Puddings Rice and beans Rolled foods Sandwiches Sauces dessert Smoked foods Soul food Soups blood cheese fish and seafood Fish soups Soy-based foods Steamed foods Stews Street foods Sushi and sashimi ingredients Tomato dishes Tortilla-based dishes Traditional foods Twice-baked foods Yogurt-based Please Subscribe :

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