Meringue and marron glace dessert shooters – quick recipe

Deb shows us how to make an easy, yet elegant Christmas dessert in just 10 minutes: the meringue and marron glacé shooters!
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Today I’ll show you how to make an easy yet elegant dessert for Christmas holidays in just 10 minutes: the meringue and marron glacé shooters. I’m chopping the marrons glacés, that is the main ingredient of this recipe… the marrons glacés are too difficult to make at home, so I suggest that you buy them already made. To prepare these shooters, just go by eye, because it depends on the type of shooter you use: if you have little shot glasses, 5-6 marrons glacés are enough, whereas if you have larger ones, you’ll need about 10 of them. Now transfer the marrons glacés to a bowl… and keep aside. Then roughly crumble the meringues… I already had meringues at home, homemade, but you can buy them at the supermarket or make your own following the recipe on Yellowsaffron. As for the marrons glacés, adjust the amount according to the size of the shooter.
Keep aside the meringues, too… and prepare the Chantilly cream: take the heavy cream… pour into the mixer… powdered sugar… we’ll need about 6 tbsp (50 g) of powdered sugar, but if you prefer adding more marrons glacés or meringues, you can subtract 2 ½ tablespoons of powdered sugar. Add to the cream… and whip.
The Chantilly cream is ready… now we can assemble our shooters: take a pastry bag… fill it with the Chantilly cream… cut off the tip… take the shot glasses… and start with a layer of marrons glacés… more or less generous, to taste… then a layer of Chantilly cream… and one of meringue. If you want, you can make a variant of the recipe using dried figs instead of marrons glacés and amaretti cookies instead of meringues. Now make another layer of Chantilly cream… one of marrons glacés… then Chantilly cream… finish with a last layer of meringue… and garnish with a few pieces of marron glacé. Here we are, without even turning on the oven! Besides, you can make them in advance and keep in the fridge. Good, easy and quick!
For 4 shooters:
• 6 marrons glacés
• 1 cup (250 ml) of heavy cream
• 6 ¼ tbsp (50 g) of powdered sugar
• 6 small meringues

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