Oreo Parfait | Dessert Recipes

Made with just 3 ingredients, Oreo Parfait is a layered dessert that combines the goodness of oreo biscuits & yumminess of cream in one small jar.

Credits: Chef Mohit Chotrani – http://www.hungrybawarchi.com

10 Oreo biscuits
400 Gms whipped cream
2-4 Cherries for garnishing

1) Take a bowl of whipped cream & add icing sugar to it
2) Keep whipping till both are mixed nicely
3) Add some crushed oreo biscuits to the above mix & mix well
4) In a jar, spoon 1 tbsp of crushed oreo biscuits
5) On top of this, spoon in another tbsp of the cream mix
6) Like this keep layering till your jar is full
7) Top with some cherries & dig in right away!

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