Sheer Khurma EID SPECIAL Recipe – Famous Ramadan Dessert Recipe | Easy and Tasty

Learn How to make Sheer Khurma – The EID SPECIAL recipe. It is one of the most famous Ramadan dessert recipe to make in few easy steps

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This sweet and delectable Sheer Khurma is must have for the festive occasion of Eid.

Serves: 6-8 bowls | Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 60 minutes

Ingredients Required:
Milk (with cream) – 1 litre
Pistachios – 75 grams
Almonds – 75 grams
Charoli/ Chironji – 50 grams
Saffron – 10-12 strands
Cardamom – 1 whole, ground
Clove – 2 whole
Ghee – 4 tbsp
Sugar – 3/4 cup
Milkmaid – 4 tbsp
Vermicelli / Seviyan – ¾ cup, roasted and very fine

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