Shortbread cookies | Easy dessert recipes | Easy food recipes

Shortbread cookies | Easy dessert recipes | Easy food recipes
By []Talat Kashif

This shortbread cookies recipe is simple and easy to prepare at home. All the ingredients are easily available in every home kitchen, you just need to prepare dough which you can also do by dough mixer and then bake to enjoy delicious shortbread at home. The topping sauce requires only 10 minutes to prepare. You can also make variations in topping for instance use white chocolate, chopped nuts etc. to increase the flavor.


For Shortbread Dough:

4 ounce butter
2 ounce powder white sugar
4 ounce all-purpose flour
Few drops of vanilla extract

For Topping:

6 ounce butter
2 ounce white sugar
4 tablespoons honey
1 medium can sweetened condensed milk
1 ounce milk chocolate


Prepare Dough for Shortbread:

1. In a mixing bowl beat butter and sugar until become smooth and creamy, it would take 5-8 minutes depending upon softness of butter.
2. Now add flour and vanilla extract to the butter mixture and knead a smooth dough. You can also use dough mixer to knead the dough easily.
3. After that using rolling pin roll out the dough to thick flat shape of approximately 1 in. thickness. Using cookie cutter make pieces for cookies.
4. Take a suitable baking tray, spread butter paper on it and grease it using butter or oil. Place the cookies on butter paper by keeping 1-2 in. distance between each of them.
5. Place the baking tray in preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes until become light golden from top.
6. When the shortcake cookies become ready place the tray on wire rack to cool them at room temperature.

Preparation of Topping Sauce:

1. In the mean while when hot cookies are placed on wire rack to cool, melt chocolate in microwave for just 2 minutes.
2. Take a sauce pan and melt butter on slow heat. When butter melts completely add rest of the ingredients including sugar, honey, condensed milk and melted chocolate, stir continuously and cook on medium heat.
3. When the sauce starts bubbling remove the pan from heat and pour the sauce in a bowl.
4. Now take a cookie, dip it from half way and then place it on a platter. Similarly dip rest of the cookies in chocolate sauce and place them in fridge for just 15 minutes until the topping gets set. Tempting shortbread cookies are now ready to serve as tea time snack.

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