Tequila Desserts: 36 Sweet, Simple and Delicious Tequila Flavored Dessert Recipes (The Mexican Fo…

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Tequila Desserts: 36 Sweet, Simple and Delicious Tequila Flavored Dessert Recipes (The Mexican Food Cookbooks Book 5)

Taste the Sweetness of Mexico's National Drink!For the times when you just want something sweet and different, add a touch of sophistication to your favorite cookies, cakes, and pies with the golden Mexican elixir. The goal of this dessert cookbook is to give you more options of how to cook your favorite desserts, allowing you to expand your cooking knowledge with the help of simple tequila-based recipes.If you are looking for complicated desserts, which could be found in expensiverestaurants or fancy bakery shops, maybe this cookbook is not for you
All the recipes in this book are easy to make, no matter your cooking skills
Ideal for home bakers, dessert-lovers and cooking beginners looking for something originalIf you like the taste of tequila, but do not want to drink that whole bottle of Añejo sitting in your cupboard, and you want to add originality to your sweet culinary creations, this book is definitely for you
Use tequila smartly and enjoy these delicious and original desserts with your family and friends.This delicious cookbook features some well-known international desserts, as well as some Mexican traditional recipes, all of them with a Tequila flavor twist, which are ideal for even the most inexperienced and unskilled baker or cook. Delight yourself with the Sweet Spirit of MexicoIf you are tired of the same chocolates, cookies, and brownies found everywhere, these simple recipes will definitely solve your problem
With easy-to-follow steps, the Mexican cook and author of this book, J.R
Deschamps, shows you how to make Tequila-Flavored sorbets, mousses, flans, crepes and more. You'll discover:Fruit DessertsPies, Cakes, Cookies and BrowniesMexican Classics like Flan and Rice PuddingCrepesChocolate DessertsSorbets and PopsiclesGelatin Desserts(Click on the cover to look inside the book and check out the full list of recipes)So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up, click the buy button, and include theliquid gift from the Mexican gods in you culinary creations today!Viva la dulzura del Tequila!


J.R. Deschamps


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