Thai Dessert Recipe: Luuk Chuup! (Thai Mung Bean Marzipan)

I find out later that this recipe was influenced by marzipan recipe since the Kingdom of Ayutthaya (1350-1767), as same as Foy Thong and many other dessert that has the name Thong in it.

It looks very easy but once you start to make mung bean into shapes for 5 pieces, you would need to drag a chair to sit and do the rest and know that there is a long way to go.

So! give yourself some courage by starting with something very easy, like chilies, cherry, mango, carrot, strawberry.

I first wanted to make Hello Kitty, hahahaha… but it didn’t work out.

Here’s the printable recipe for Thai Mung Bean Marzipan.

Thai Food Dessert: Luuk Chuup! (Thai Mung Bean Marzipan)

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