The Daily Dash: June 30, 2017 {#DairyFree Summer Dessert recipes on @nc5_talktown @aldiusa}

You want to look inside my TV kitchen today…

The Daily Dash: June 30, 2017 {#DairyFree Summer Dessert recipes on @nc5_talktown @aldiusa}

* Trump trash-talks cable news hosts on Twitter; high-ranking Republican officials warning President to behave
* Venus Williams blamed for deadly car crash
* Scaled-back version of Trump’s revised travel ban is now in effect
* JAY Z releases 11th studio album 4:44

There is always at least one more fact, which we know nothing about, in every person’s situation ~ Oswald Chambers

I’ve been busy in the kitchen for the past 24 hours perfecting some dairy free summer dessert recipes. The truth is, it wasn’t so much about ‘perfecting’ because they are seriously so easy, but about discovering new things I could create with the abundance of summer produce I found at incredible prices at ALDI this week.

I’ll be sharing them on Talk of the Town this morning, but if you aren’t in Nashville or can’t watch online, you can get all my easy recipes here:

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Disclosure: I partnered with ALDI to demonstrate the dairy free desserts I keep telling you about. Love when I can share about great brands that also save you money!

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